It’s been so long since the last update…

I have been busy changing jobs since my last job with Zoo Animals… I really do miss those people I’ve cherished previously…


This year will be 1st year to celebrate with dear… well, my schedule is quite packed because I will be going to have dinner with his family on 1st day of new year.. his brother gonna treat us JOGOYA.
Day 2 will be in Seremban, with his whole family members…
Day 3… at home ?
Day 4 too
Day 5-6 will be working
& lastly, Day 7 (Yan Yat) will be going out for family gathering dinner… nearby my housing area.
Will be a great year because, I am getting more angpaus this year.

Guess what? This year will be my most drench year as I dont have salary for 2 months!!! So, so so damn poor!!

Yes, I am in Mid Vally since 9 am this morning.

I was @ my yoga centre for the 9 am class. Hehe… easy but tough since I have not been going for classes for the past 2 weeks. Wasting money, I know but I can’t help it.

This week , I was food poisoned & sick for 2 days. It was terrible feeling especially when you can’t take any foods, smells and cannot even walk for a short distance like to the toilet.

Guess what? I’ve vomitted @  my room because I couldnt even get into the toilet bowl. Hehehe… yucks but fortunate for me because my room is next to the toilet room. So, all I did … open the door and vomit on the floor. I couldn’t get up!!

I know it causes trouble to the maid to clean the toilet but I couldn’t help it because my stomach was too painful. Horrible feeling…

Erm… I am waiting for my dear to arrive now and my friend.

2 of my friends suddenly change plan. DONT WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE.

Esther told me that her BF wants to sit in the middle and her bf was trying to explain to me that he has phobic of sitting at the side… <can i believe that???>

As for Jane, she has watched the movie and now, only Audrey gonna watch. Her GF is bringing some1.. I really don’t care, as long as they are paying back me the money, I am ok.

I am not going to organise any movie activity with them anymore. That’s it … I’m done. I am just so angry yesterday when Esther emailed me that she couldn’t watch movie.

Right now, the only activity we are going to do together will be dinner for some1’s birthday. That’s it. ……. what make myself so trouble??

btw, my anger has increased for the past weeks, I also don’t understand. Sometimes, I can’t control my anger anymore. I am easily igitated. Erm… I think it is better that I could be more active in practising yoga.

My aim … 3-4 classes aweek.. although I won’t be as active as I was when I firstly join… but I do hope that I could find peace in practising yoga.

Yeay.. managed to book transformer’s movie.

Booked in advance since last Tuesday and the website – gsc is currently down.. maybe too many users want to book a ticket for that movie lol…

Well, my planning is very simple. I’m going to yoga classes in the morning and do some of my private business in 2 places, then, I will be taking lunch with my friend, Audrey. Then I’m going for the movie while waiting for my dear to arrive since he will be sending his car for service tomorrow morning lor.

Then, right after movie, we are going for dinner with my cousin and my sister before we go for another movie. Wow.. what a packed day but I am happy spending time.

Can’t wait for the movie. Waited for so many many weeks liao ………

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Wow… time really flies.

It’s been a month since I came back from Bali.

To be honest, it is a money worth trip if ever anyone going. Well, as for me, I am going back there in about a year’s time. I’ve booked a trip with my dear next year through Air Asia.

I love the place. So beautiful and sea… very nice but course it is not as pretty as in Lang Tengah but the waves were… BIG! It’s like Tsunami kind.. hahaha…

I really cannot describe the place but I think, those who wants or went there before will go for 2nd time or more. Hahhaa…

I went there 5 days 4 nights… It felt not enough…

Yes… tomorrow I will be flying over to Bali, Indonesia along with my 2 other friends. Hopefully I will enjoy my trip 😉